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Davis Grubby Dog Shampoo is the natural choice when faced with bathing dirty, grimy pets.  The rich, deep-cleansing lather penetrates the coat to loosen dirt, caked-on mud, grease and filth.  Enriched with Jojoba, Macadamia and Olive Oil, use this non-drying  formula on any pet that needs a bit of make-over magic.  Davis Grubby Dog Shampoo rinses quickly and cleanly to produce a manageable, shiny coat.  Dilutes 50:1.


Be sure to check out our ultimate Rolling Acres Trio that includes our favorite doggy shampoo, conditioner, and cologne!


Davis Creme Rinse & Conditioner is specifically formulated to create a protective coating on each cuticle of the pet’s hair while restoring essential collagen amino acids and moisture to the pet’s skin. It adds body and sheen, leaving coats looking healthy and radiant. Regular use will soothe dry coats and simplify combing, brushing and overall manageability.


Fresh Apple Cologne: Give pets a finishing spritz or two of this long lasting fragrance to make them more huggable than ever. Clients will love the delightful aromas that include lush florals, fresh fruits, citrus blends and emotion-enhancing botanicals. Many of our scents compliment our shampoos so that you can layer the same fragrances. All Davis Eau de Colognes are made from high-quality, concentrated natural essential oils and plant extracts that are known for their ability to endure. And all are packaged in a beautiful 8 oz. clear bottle with a very fine mister.

Davis Grubby Dog Shampoo

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